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Creativity at its best @ VJ Dream Works with VJ

My name is Vijay, a.k.a VJvideo creator for all your needs.

Your dreams are achieved at as less as US $7 or INR Rs 500/- based on your requirements.

I create videos for Advertisements, Portfolio for all professions, Documentaries, Presentations, Short Films and Training too…

I also create customized videos for personal use such as Wedding and Occasions, Digital Invitations, Social Media Videos such as whatsapp status, FaceBook, Instagram videos and more. I also mix video and audio for Song Remixes.

Videos I create are filled with Cinematic effects with the style that is in need to promote either your product & service or be it your personal memories to cherish. Effects unlimited to meet your needs.

Sample videos such as modelling portfolios, advertisements, events, invitations and greetings are available in the Creations section of this website to catch you eyes.

To learn more about what VJ Dream Works can do for you, browse through our CREATIONS and BLOG section in the website.

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